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MAKWELL MACHINERY CO., LTD is specialized in the research, design, manufacture, sale and service of liquid, lotion, cream, tooth paste and adhesive machineries such as Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals Complete Vacuum Emulsifying Mixers, High-shear Emulsifiers, Double Planet Mixers, Mixers, Mixing Tanks, , Mills and Turnkey projects.

MAKWELL has a registered capital of 5,000,000 U.S. dollars and covers an area of 14,000 square meters. Meanwhile, we have obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate, CE certificate and the manufacturing license.

200 trained staff

5,000,000 U.S. dollars registered capital

14,000 square meters



Established at Jiangsu.With 10,000 m2 facility and
48 employees, we start produce Vacuum Emulsifying
Mixer Machines


Established at Jiangsu.With 10,000 m2 facility and
48 employees, we start produce Vacuum Emulsifying
Mixer Machines


Established at Jiangsu.With 10,000 m2 facility and
48 employees, we start produce Vacuum Emulsifying
Mixer Machines


Established at Jiangsu.With 10,000 m2 facility and
48 employees, we start produce Vacuum Emulsifying
Mixer Machines



Service Concept

Seek for perfection and offer sincere service to all customers

Service Commitment

(1)   Machinery and equipment sold from MAKWELL will be installed and debugged by professional technical personnel. The Free Warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchasing. After the warranty period, MAKWELL will continue to provide customers with paid maintenance and lifetime maintenance services.

(2)   Fault Contact: Customers should write the stoppage clearly on paper with your company name, address, phone number and contact. Then fax this paper to MAKWELL, so that our technical staffs can judge the reason and take the right tools for examination and repair to avoid the delayed repair due to the lack of the some certain tools.

(3)   Service Time Commitments
We will send out the technicians within 24 hours from the receipt of the fax.
Technical Consulting
Phone Number: 0086-510-83216316
Maintenance Fax: 0086-510-83575166

(4)   Our company can provide long-term annual inspection, regular maintenance services and home repair services within 48 hours and all the fees are charged according to standards (by region).

(5)   During the using, customers can contact with our company at any time for any machine errors. Our company will be responsible for sending out technician for home repair services. MAKWELL will offer free repair service for one year from the date of purchasing. And MAKWELL will charge certain amount of fee for changing accessories and consumable items (on the premise of quality problem, the damaged parts within three months will be replaced by MAKWELL freely).

(6)   To ensure the normal operation of the equipment, customers should choose the skilled equipment operators offer regular maintenance to the equipment. Customers can contact with MAKWELL if they need technical training. MAKWELL will provide technical training services.

(7)   If the equipment failure is caused by the operator who breaks the regulations, the reasonable fee will be charged (by region).

(8)   After the warranty period, the repairing fee will be charged according to the region and location. MAKWELL will reply with the quoted price after receiving the fax. When the fax is back to MAKWELL with customer’s signature, MAKWELL will send the technician out for home repairing. Customers should pay the related maintenance costs when the equipment maintenance is done and the equipment recovers to be normal.

(9)   MAKWELL is the manufacturer. The technical personnel are dispatched to offer timely debugging and after-sale service to customers after the purchasing and during the future using.

(10)   With serious and responsible attitude, our company’s technical personnel will try their best to serve the customers. For any dissatisfaction or suggestions, please call us at any time so that we can serve you better.



Be the pioneer of biochemical industry to create the global brand and a outstanding life.

Inherit and develop Chinese national industry and be the world-class equipment manufacturing base.

Create value and serve the society

Outlook on Customers:
Cooperate with each other for common development.

Outlook on Products:
Science and technology can create famous brand products.
Continuous improvement will make us be the industry pioneer.

Outlook on Talents:
Loyal and honest, diligent and practical, professional and aggressive.

Work Style:
conscientious and fast; keep promises.

we will not make any excuses for the mistakes we made and could guarantee the quality of our products.

Understand, popularize and abide by the moral, advocate knowledge and forge ahead.

Professional manufacturer.


Puzzling Question Consulting
For any stoppages or problems customers can call MAKWELL for consultation during the processing. MAKWELL will faithfully and sincerely solve the simple problems, which can save you time for maintenance and reduce the repairing cost. If the problem can’t be solved by that way, MAKWELL will arrange the home repairing immediately.

Overhaul Service
The safe and reliable overhaul can help you improve the equipment’s productivity and value. MAKWELL will conduct careful analysis, inspection, testing and cleaning to your equipment and will not miss any finest details. Once there are defective parts, MAKWELL will provide the quoted price and replace the old parts according to the detailed condition.

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